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Born in 1971, Master Yuan Xiu Gang, a Daoist priest (Daoist name Shi Mao), is the 15th generation disciple of Wudang San Feng Sect. To learn more about our Wudang lineage, dating back to the 12th century, please read our section on Wudang Lineage.

Master Yuan has loved martial arts since his early childhood. At the age of 7, he started training in Martial Arts, and at 16 he went to study Shaolin Kung Fu for 3 years. Master Yuan suffered greatly in his childhood and during his Kung Fu training with rheumatism. In his quest to treat his condition and alleviate his pain, he became drawn to the Internal Martial Arts and health practices of Wudang Daoist Arts.

In 1991 he went to Wudang Mountain, the renowned centre of Daoism and internal martial arts. Master Yuan was  as a disciple of Master Zhong Yun Long. To learn more about Grandmaster Zhong, please read our section on him.

Since then, Master Yuan has been practicing the complete Wudang San Feng Pai curriculum including all Wudang Martial Arts as well as Wudang Internal Arts such as Taiji, Baji, XingYi, BaGua, Taiyi.

He has also become a national expert in Qigong and Meditation practices.

In 1994, Master Yuan was selected by the Wudang Taoist Association for Taoist Wushu Performance Team, and initiated as a priest into the Purple Heaven Temple, the largest Daoist temple at Wudang. 

As a member of the Taoist Wushu Performance Team, Master Yuan has traveled to various places in South East Asia to demonstrate Wudang Kung Fu. He has also represented Wudang when receiving high-level Government officials and celebrities from other countries in their visit to the Daoist mountain.

With the promotion by the Government of the Wudang special administrative region, more people from all over the world have embraced Daoism and Wudang mountain. Improving well-being and health through martial Arts and Internal training for students in China and worldwide is one of his chief missions. Master Yuan was one of the first Wudang Masters to open up the San Feng Pai teachings to International students. His school readily welcomes foreign students and Master Yuan regularly travels to other countries conducting seminars and courses.

Master Yuan is unique on Wudang Mountain as the only Master teaching the full San Feng Pai lineage who is fluent in English.

Master Yuan has accomplished a great deal during his training and now focuses on giving back by passing on the rich teaching and Culture he has learned at Wudang. He is presently building a new school nestled in the forests at the base of the Wudang Mountains.

Yuan Xiu Gang: News & Updates
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