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Wu Xing Qigong

Qigong is an ancient practice developed in China over 4,000 years ago. It is an Internal practice that has as its goal, cultivating health and peace in the practitioner. It is beneficial in promoting mental focus, reducing stress and calming of the mind when we are faced with the external distractions experienced in our daily lives.

Qi (pronounced "Chee" and written as 气 in Chinese), is a term used to describe the flow and storage of energy in the body. This energy is comprised of blood, oxygen, nutrients and bioelectric energy. In Chinese Traditional Medical Theory, it is essential to life and the healthy operation of the body. It is the foundation where the flow of meridians is established and is treated and enhanced by acupuncture and other Traditional Medical techniques.

There are many forms of Qigong that were developed in China. At our school, we focus on Wudang Wu Xing Qigong as taught at Wudang Mountain in China. This form of Qigong, promotes, health, longevity and relaxation.

Wudang Qigong is a set of exercises, where through the practice of postures and the control of breathing the functions of the body are balanced and nurtured. These gentle exercises with improve your strength, balance and coordination.

When becoming more advanced, we work internally to become more aware of our body and our internal processes.

Qigong is a moving meditation with both physiological and psychological benefits. After training, both your mind and body will feel refreshed and exercised.

Wudang Wu Xing Qigong translates as "Five Animal Qigong". Each posture of the form takes it's inspiration from one of five animals, Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane. Each one of these animal poses helps with the balance and health of five corresponding organs, Kidney, Lungs, Liver, Spleen and Heart and relates to the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. There is also a corresponding set of emotions that are targeted in each one of the exercises, so that when we bring our organs into balance, we also balance our emotions and mood.

In this course you will learn the form and alignment of each movement, and cover the theory and benefits, both physiological and psychological. An introduction and some discussion of Daoist philosophies and concepts are also covered to help provide context and relate to your practice and how it can fit into your daily life. In every class we practice the full Five Animal Qigong form so that you will benefit regularly each week from its effects.

The course is designed for both beginners and advanced students, so you can join at any time and any experience level.

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Wudang Five Animals Qi Gong (武当五行气功)

Winter Wudang 5 Animals Qigong in the Snow - Wuxing Qigong - 武当五形气功

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