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Wudang Kung Fu, Tai Chi and it's related internal arts all originate from the Daoist Mountains of Wudang in Central China. It has been the centre of Daoist thought and culture for centuries.

The Wudang arts strive to create an improvement in your health and happiness by understanding and cultivating your relationship with nature and your path (or Dao) in life.

Wudang Internal Kung Fu is based upon the principles of Infinity (Yi Wu Ji), Yin and Yang (Tai Ji), and Two Extremes (Liang Yi Wei Yi). By combining these principles, the various Wudang Styles have been developed and evolved over the years.

As with the principle of Yin and Yang, the styles we teach have elements of hardness and softness, speed and slowness, power and gentleness. As such, it is very suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

At different stages in life or fitness ability, we can help you focus more on the active, fast styles or the more gentle and slow styles. In each extreme, you will find benefit to both your physical and mental health.

Kids Classes

Children in our classes will develop their coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

We focus on teaching them stretching exercises, the basic stances, punching and kicking skills and the beginning Wudang fist forms. No previous experience is required. Those kids that have some previous martial arts experience may progress quite quickly. Some of the daiost principles of Yin and Yang and stillness will also be introduced.

Adult/Teen classes

Adult classes require no previous experience. We can start you at the level suited to your experience and fitness level and you will progress at your own pace. Whether you have previous experience or not, you will be challenged and you will grow in strength, flexibility and coordination throughout your classes.

As with the children’s classes, we will work on flexibility, drills and exercises and forms. As you become more comfortable, you will be introduced to more advanced forms, such as Tai Yi, Taiji and weapons forms.

Weapons Classes

Wudang is famous for its sword - 剑 (jian) techniques, but the Wudang Sanfengpai curriculum also covers many other weapons, such as the wooden staff, broadsword, Horsehair whip, spear, monk’s spade etc.

Many of these are taught in the Taji (Tai Chi) as well as the Taiyi perspectives. Generally practiced fast and energetic, they can also be practiced from a slow, gentle Tai Chi perspective to nurture and cultivate inner health as well as outward strength and flexibility.

We teach a number of Wudang weapons and their styles.

Once a student is grounded in bare-handed skills and their strength and flexibility have improved, then they may begin to learn weapons. As well as helping to further cultivate inner health, they also add a new challenge to improve coordination and build the skill of incorporating the weapon as if it is a part of one’s body.

It is a special way to train and grow with your practice.

Wudang Kung Fu: Courses
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