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Zhong Yun Long - 钟云龙

Grandmaster Zong Yun Long is a 14th Generation Wudang San Feng Pai Inheritor and Daoist Priest.
He has studied Martial Arts Since he was a child and studied Martial and Daoist Arts in the Temples of the Wudang Mountains since he was 19 years old.
Upon coming to Wudang in 1981, he became a Daoist disciple and trained under Wang Guang De (王光德), Zhu Cheng De (朱成德) and Guo Gao Yi (郭高一).
Later in the 80s Master Wang sent Master Zhong all around China to convince more Daoists to return to Wudang and to learn as much of their teachings as possible to bring back to Wudang. The knowledge he amassed has become the Wudang San Feng Pai curriculum that is now taught in Wudang including Daoist Martial Arts, Inner Alchemy and Healing Practices.
As he taught a new generation of disciples and became the Grandmaster of Wudang, he opened up the teachings to more students in China. Later, he and his disciples, who have opened their own schools, extended their teachings to foreign students from around the world.
It is these teachings and skills that are being shared at Wudang Toronto directly from Wudang in China.

Wudang Grandmaster: Courses
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